Forigen currency worth more than One Crore seized

Forigen currency worth more than One Crore 02 lakhs detected at International departure Random machine based on profiling at Hyderabad Airport

On dated 09.01.19 at about 0200 hrs, on the basis of profiling and further screening of baggages by CISF Si/Exe Varun Kumar apprehended an Indian passenger with different foreign currencies at IIDT.

  1. USD-
    Total = 16500
    ( App. INR .1155000/-) 
  2. Qatar
    ( App. INR .996550/-) 
  3. UAE
    Total =37950
    ( App. INR .721050/-) 
  4. Kuwait
    Total =2165
    ( App. INR .500115/-) 
  5. Oman

( App. INR .841750/-) 

  1. Baharin
    Total =2395

( App. INR .445470/-) 

7 Saudia
( App. INR .5593170/-) 

from the pax Mr Mohamad Parvez, Indian national, who was to fly Dubai by flight No.EK-525 (STD: 0410 hrs). 
Total value of detected currency in indian rupee 1115500+ 996550+721050+500115+841750+445470+5593170= ₹ 10,253105/-(approximately)
The pax along with foreign currency was handed over to Customs, Senior CISF officers appreciated the duty personnel for his honesty and dedication.

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